I recall very welle the first time I was asked to make a painting. The art Atelier/gallery, had only been open for one day, and I was interrupted by a knock-knock at the window. An old gentleman, with hat and walking stick, stuck his head into the gallery and then stood at the door. He stared at a painting of a lane of cypresses displayed in my gallery. He said, he tought it was very beautiful.

The gentleman asked me to follow mim to his home, a town villa, just some small distance away. He was so proud of his town garden that he said he would like to have it painted in the same free impressionist style for his children, so that it could last forever. After I had been painting for a week in his garden, one day out of nowhere, a turtle walked into the garden and played with a red little ball! After that the painting was named "the turtle" or "La tortue".

What could an artist ask for more!? I hope therefore that I will be able to meet a lot of you or in the south of France, at Vence or in Amsterdam, and will be able to share some time together and exchange our experiences. Because without interaction, in whatever form it is, my work as a creator/artist cannot grow.

Marcellus Hoedie!