Vence - Amsterdam


Atelier Hoedie is the spot where the creator/artist Marcellus Hoedemaker named Hoedie opened his atelier at the Côte d`Azur!

On a regular basis he participats with expositions in  France and the Netherlands were he has a working place in Amsterdam. At this moment his work can be seen on several expositions like at the Dutch Consulat in Nice, the representative office of  ABNAMRO bank at Valbonne, at Chateau St. Martin & Spa in Vence and the famous french restaurant Le Troquet on the mayor square in Vence. In September he can be seen and personally present at the Art Fair in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam.

Hoedie is born in Amsterdam on the 24th of august 1960. His work has a quick stroke of the brush with a lot of sparkling colours where he doesn't care to experiment! The appletrees and the flat soil of the dutch country have put an ever lasting impression in his mind besides the Swiss mountain sides and the changes  off seasons in all his beauty. Made even more spectecular with all the blue colours of the Côte d'Azur!

Impressionist? Jeaah, it can be said but certainly not without a touch of  freestyle! So he uses doors, carton and steel as a basis next to the canvas where afterwards his palet of colours is being attached. 

Thet atelier can be found in the old historic centre of Vence at the Côte d'Azur. 10 rue Gambetta, 06140 Vence.