HOEDIE, a name introduced by friends, wields the brush as a creator of art. He paints the harbor days of Antibes, hanging proudly in ABN Amro’s Valbonne office, as well as in the luxurious Hotel & Spa, Château Saint-Martin, and Cap Eden Roc. However, he has also participated in an exhibition at the 11 Ateliers d’artistes compatriotes in Vallauris, centered around Picasso’s sculpture “Man with a Sheep.” Another notable showcase was the international exhibition on the Croisette at the renowned Miramar Hotel, where he secured first prize for a triptych depicting the Côte d’Azur, painted on aged doors.

Meanwhile, numerous international contacts have been established to ensure HOEDIE’s work is also visible in Munich, Amsterdam, Beijing, Istanbul, and Bucharest. He will soon journey to Estonia, where his work will grace the halls of the Radisson Blue Hotel in Tallinn. Simultaneously, he will be exhibiting in Berlin, having been invited by an Italian gallery. Regular appearances can also be expected at art fairs such as the National Art Days and the ADAF, where he is a distinguished professional member, drawing around six thousand visitors over two days.

In total, HOEDIE embraces the motto, “Without interaction, sharing, and communication with others, I, as an artist, cannot flourish and evolve in the world known as ART. ‘ART moves,’ forever in motion, developing, yet never forgetting the profound essence of movement itself.”